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Viktor Perdula

Born 1978 in Vienna. In 2002 he founded the production company JewelLabs Pictures and produced several commercials, corporate videos as well as shortfilms. In addition he works at several ongoing TV and web-formats as unit- and production manager.

About "Business as usual":

The society we live in is dominated by capitalism, cooperations and the media. It is very easy for a company of a certian size to build up an image for the outsider, which often doesn't correspond to what's really going on.

When I got the script pitched by Kawo Reland in spring 2008 I was really inspired by the way the small employee is given a voice and a face. The decision to continue with this project was very easy. Production started in May 2008 and the film was shot just one month later. The production team went trough a lot of effort in making this happen in such a short time period, and everyone of them deserves a big "Thank you".

Only after finishing the production in July 2009 and after the first testscreening, it was clear that we hit the nail on a lot of peoples feelings about structures and the excercise of power in big companies in times of optimization and mass layoffs, although the illustration is quite oversubscribed. The "clean" and "precise" approach of the motivation trainer engaged by the russian CEO of the fictitous corporation stands for itself and yet the rather extreme solution embraces the basic idea with a wink.

After producing "Masken", another short by Kawo Reland, it was quite refreshing to do a totally different story with the same director. "Business as usual" is the fifth and last film in a series about "Strong Women", showing women in a strong yet sometimes rather extreme position. The collaboration with Kawo Reland will continue in compiling and producing a short film program with this five films.