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Kawo Reland

Born 1975 in Vienna. Due to his acting education at the Max Reinhardt Seminar, the focus in his directing is always on the work with the actors. Among numerous narrative movies, Reland also directed several commercials.

About "Business as usual":

"Business as usual" is about the power of corporations over the lives of their employees and the unacceptable working conditions our society has to deal with every day. The health and well-being of the individual employee simply doesn't count as much as the satisfaction of the stockholders and managers. To the contrary, managerial failure of leadership often is rewarded with a high pay-off and a safe retirement plan. The ordinary employee is then made responsible for his superior errors and has to bear the consequences.

'Clarity', 'accuracy' and 'perfection' are keywords in the corporate world and used to describe the successful company. Motivation coaches or cleaners provide these qualities. They „clean“ the company and filter out the cause of financial loss.

What I like the most about film making is that I am able to visualize my personal opinion on several topics. In reality an low level employee with a decreasing performance due to mobbing would immediately lose his job. 'Business as usual' enters the core of the issue and calls to account the one who truly responsible for the well- or ill-being of the employees.

"Business as usual" is one of five movies dealing with the topic 'strong women'. It was important to me to show the strong side of the gender mistakenly labeled as „weak“and show strong female characters in stories that are as exciting as they are extreme.