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Natascha Berg
Role: The Cleaner

Born 1980 in Mannheim Germany. She started working as a model at the age of 14. In the year 2000 she won the title of Miss Germany and represented her country at the Miss World pageant in London.
Afterwards she started working as a TV-host, became anchorwoman for the news broadcast of several German TV-channels, hosted travel magazines as well as shows for the German pay-TV Premiere. Currently she is concentrating on her acting career and living in Los Angeles.

Role: Gilbert Schider

Born 1966 in Antwerp Belgium.At the age of 18 he moved to Austria and completed his acting education at the theatre Innsbruck.
After several engagements at the Theater Josefstadt, Volkstheater Vienna as well as the Schauspielhaus Frankfurt, he started his TV-career with series like ‚Medicopter117’, ‚Tatort’ or ‚Kaisermühlen-Blues’. In 1996 he received the Golden Romy Award for his work on the screenplay für the movie ‚AUTSCH!!!’.

Serge Falck

Karin Kiurina
Role: Hermine Ulster

Born in Vienna. She attended the acting school Mozarteum in Salzburg. She received permanent engagements at the E.T.A. Hoffmann-Theatre in Bamberg, the Vereinigte Städtische Bühnen in Krefeld as well as the Stadttheater St. Pölten.

Role: Adam Lenkovic

Born 1958 in Salzburg. He appeared in several TV-productions and shortfilms: ‚SOKO Donau’-„Gestrandet“ 2007, ‚Medicopter117’ 1999/2002, ‚Kommissar Rex’ – „Der maskierte Tod“ 1995, and many more.

Arthur Denberg

Alexander Fennon
Role: Herbert Schenk

He completed several acting courses and started acting in impro theatre performances. He appeared in several short- and feature films, TV-series like SOKODonau-„Abgestürzt“, as well as commercials like OBI Baumarkt, Post – Austria and many more.

Additional Cast
CEO - Igor Chorolez
Commercial model - Dagmar Bernhard
Announcer - Thomas Srb